With the Start menu out of action, you can do this by switching to the Windows 11 desktop by pressing the Windows Key + D on your keyboard, then pressing Alt + F4. A window will appear and you can select ‘Restart’ and click ‘OK’. Microsoft has also acknowledged the problem, stating that opening the Run window will enable you to what is 0x4004F00D type into the search bar again. You can do this by hitting Win+Ron your keyboard, and when it appears you can close it as you don’t actually need to type or run anything.

  • In the event log, the “General” tab includes a brief technical description of the error that might give you a hint of the blue screen problem.
  • In doing so, you can help your computer get rid of problems, as well as resolve System Service Exception BSOD error, according to some reports from users on Microsoft Community.
  • You can use the pre-installed Windows Automatic Repair to fix certain errors on Windows PC. And you may also try this method to fix Windows UEFI/EFI boot error.

Select the restore point that suits you best (depending on the time created etc.) and click “Next”. Make sure to select a restore point where problems with the blue screen error were not present yet.

Use the device troubleshooter to diagnose and resolve the issue. The motherboard firmware is different per manufacturer and per computer model. If you need more specific instructions, it’s recommended to check your device manufacturer support website. Right-click the device and select the Uninstall device option. If the component isn’t working correctly, then you’ll see a description of the problem with an error code. For example, if you see “error code 22,” then it means that the device has been disabled, and you must enable it to address the problem.

These drivers make it possible to connect to WiFi and Ethernet after you log in to the PC. Free Registry Repair can scan and fix all the registry errors in your Windows 10 system. This tool should be used regularly to keep your PC away from any registry errors. A person from a non-IT background can also use this tool because it’s easy to use user interface. All you need to do is slide the button to disable the services and stop OS from accessing the data. FixWin 10 may not run if you have modified the Windows Image using some third-party software. The modification removes some core components required for FixWin 10.


When a hard disk drive is filled with data, it often gets space in a jumbled fashion. This makes the time to open a file longer and often results in slowing the computer. This is one of the effective methods that can help solve the Format disk error or “The file directory is corrupted or unreadable” error with the Windows built-in utility. The command helps in identifying any bad sectors as well as the corrupted or missing file system. Perform the below steps to remove the fix format disk error. In most cases, the read disk error indicates hard drive damage. When boot sector on hard drive is damaged or system partition gets bad sectors, then system booting will be stuck with errors.

Solution 5: Run A Virus Or Malware Scan

How to fix file system error on Windows fast and safe! Soon as the entry is removed, restart your PC and you will find that the error you were facing earlier is gone for good. ● You will be prompted with a dialog box that has a Yes and a No button. Click on the Yes button and it will let you run the command prompt with admin rights on your PC. When Command Prompt appears, right-click on it and select Run as administrator. My CMD is already in elevated mode as suggested by you. But when I launch CMD in normal mode the drive gets created and mapped properly.

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